Replacement Pool Heater

Replace your worn out or broken pool heater with a Solar Heater

Replace your broken or out-of-date Swimming Pool heater with SOLAR!

Replace your broken or out-of-date swimming pool heating system with a new solar heating system from Solar Services Idaho! Save money year after year with Solar Panels that keep your swimming pool heated and comfortable. With top of the line technology from Heliocol, you save on heating costs by harnessing the weather of Sunny Treasure Valley Idaho summers! Swimming Pool Heater Replacement is easy and affordable with Solar Services Idaho!

Replacing a Swimming Pool Heater with a Solar Pool Heating System with Heliocol Panels will save you money and extend your swimming season by keeping your pool comfortably and affordably heated. Solar Swimming Pool Heating saves you the ongoing cost of powering other heating systems by using solar to power your swimming season!

Heating your pool with Solar Power is the smart, environmental, and economical choice for swimming pools in the Treasure Valley. Our beautiful, sunny summer weather is the ideal condition to fully benefit from a solar pool heating system. Whether you are replacing a broken down heating system, upgrading to the latest technology, are environmentally consciousness, or want to save money year after year, Solar Services Idaho can replace your pool heater with top of the line Solar Pool Heating.

The longer you swim, the more money you save!

Call us today! Top of the line technology and professional installation.