Solar Pool Heating



Solar Pool Heating accounts for the largest number of solar energy systems in the United States. Solar heating is a natural complement for those who would enjoy a comfortable pool and extended swim season, because it is the most efficient, economical way to heat your pool to the desired temperature. Solar Pool Heating in Idaho is the efficient and easy answer to your pool heating needs.

Heliocol Solar Panels will last for 20-plus years, with no additional maintenance. Heliocol solar panels feature a long design life, work at full capacity, and save thousands of dollars. Heliocol’s Extended Full 12-Year Warranty is the best in the industry. Systems are fully automatic with adjustable temperature selection for your convenience.

Benefits of Solar Heating your Pool

Free heat from the sun, warm and inviting pool temperatures, and an extended swim season – all for no additional expense for many swim seasons to come. Cold water and high heating bills need not accompany the dream of owning a swimming pool. The increasing cost of burning fossil fuels to warm your pool is reduced or completely eliminated. Solar pool heating is an efficient way to reduce or eliminate your pool heating costs. The solar panels collect the sun’s UV rays and convert them to energy for your pool heating needs. Here in the sunny Treasure Valley Idaho, solar pool heating is the easy and efficient solution.

Solar Pool Heating in Boise is the efficient and no-maintenance way to enjoy your pool longer.

Solar heated pools are on average nearly 10 DEGREES warmer than convenetionally heated pools. Your pool stays warmer, longer, and your system will last years longer than than other pool heaters!

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Want to enjoy your pool again?
Solar Services is your Solar Solution.


With a solar pool heater, your pool will be on average 10 degrees warmer!

Heliocol’s innovative solar panel design delivers more heat to your pool. Their solar panels are the most efficient and last longer than any other panels in the industry. Heliocol’s patented overmolded design and exclusive 12 year full warranty lets you relax knowing your investment is protected.

Stop Dreaming and Start Swimming

Somewhere between the dream of owning your own swimming pool and enjoying it the reality sets in! If you are fed up with cold temperatures and high heating cost, yet want to have family fun and exercise in your pool, consider the solar option. Solar Services provides affordable, energy-efficient solutions that conserve natural resources and promote individual self-reliance. Solar pool heating is a direct and sustainable solution to enjoying comfortable pool temperatures and an extended swim season with clean and natural energy from the sun.


Go Solar

Heating a swimming pool on a regular basis is expensive. It does not grow cheaper and it never ends when you want a warm and enjoyable pool. Solar pool heating is by far the most cost effective way to heat your pool and it lasts for 20+ years.

A warm pool is a fun pool, but it can represent an ongoing investment. Solar energy is free, clean, and inexhaustible. Extend your swimming season and enjoyment using affordable and long-lasting Solar Heating. Solar Pool Heating Idaho – the easy and efficient answer to your pool heating needs.

  • Reduce or eliminate pool heating costs
  • Complete, automatic operation
  • Affordable Solar Systems
  • Maintenance-free
  • More family fun and exercise
  • Complete, automatic operati

  • Longer swimming season
  • Adjustable temperature selection

Pool water is automatically pumped through the solar collectors when heating is required. The pool is heated to the (adjustable) temperature you desire for extended swimming enjoyment.


  • Forget your pool heating costs
  • Enjoy five months of a solar heated, comfortable swimming pool
  • Set your preferred pool temperature
  • Set it and Forget it!
  • Environmentally Responsible